As you can see, this blog is all in German.
This is because my main aim is to provide a source for prospective exchange students to Japan from Germany, and really, why should I do that in English when the only people who can make use of that information all speak German?

I might write some stuff in English and / or Japanese eventually, but I’m not promising anything.

If you came across this page because you’re also going to be a participant in Ritsumeikan’s Study in Kyoto Program (SKP) 2008 – 2009, do drop me a line! 🙂 I’d be delighted to hear from fellow students, and maybe we can help each other out with things (like JASSO, housing, mobile phone hints, bank accounts and whatnot). I’m also active in the Ritsumeikan University group on Facebook, so you might want to check that out — there’s not much there (yet), but it’s up to us to change that.



  1. Hi there. I’m interested about your blog. just started my blog 2days ago..
    Also you had study in Kyoto japan, Thats cool.I from Osaka!
    I’m in Portland Oregon now.
    I cant read German but try to read Japanese and English parts.

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